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Not heavy for many but, finally squatting 5 sets for 5 reps of 225lbs. 45lbs more than my weight. Couldn’t show the last rep cause the video is to long! #Progress #IronAddict #GymRat #LegDay #squats #DontSleepOnLegs #HardWorkPaysOff #LetsGetIt

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Do not expect fast results. This is your life. You won’t make a million dollars in a year. You won’t graduate college in a year. You probably won’t live in your dream home with your dream partner in a year.

So stop expecting your dream body to show up sooner than that.

Reblogged this a few months ago. Reblogging again because I’m a few months closer and this is still relevant. Hard work and dedication to reach your dreams!

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Made these for the Valentines Day that’s coming up. Happy Valentines day everyone! #ValentinesDay #Valentine #Hearts #IceCreamCake #BaskinRobbins #BR #31 #SweetTooth #Feb14

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It’s still learning.

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RIP Trayvon Martin

gives me chills

He didn’t do a damn thing wrong

I’m gonna reblog this every time I see it because never forget.

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